Faraway 4: Ancient Escape

As an archaeologist you always strived to find the truth of the past, but when an accidental discovery transports you to a strange lush world caught in an endless fall, you will begin to question everything.

Keeping you company are the notes of an ancient philosopher who treaded the same path you as you do now. His questions and his story only deepens the mystery you need to resolve.
The secrets of this world you found yourself in, are perhaps better left alone. This place changes people, and if somehow you return home, there will be consequences.

‘Faraway 4: Ancient Escape’ Continues the Fantastic First-Person Puzzle Adventure Series TouchArcade

Faraway 4 is the latest sequel in the Myst-like franchise
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Your environment is the key to unravelling this beautifully designed puzzle. App Store Games App Store Games @ Twitter